Oct 26, 2011 11:19:36 AM

Banks More Relaxed Around Residential Investment Property

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Have you been thinking about Expanding your Investment Property Portfolio?

You might be surprised to know most of the major Banks have gone to some lengths to make it a lot easier for clients to qualify for residential investment property finance. You may already have sufficient equity in your existing properties to fund a new addition 100%. Interest rates are very low and due to recent events offshore they may well remain that way for a lot longer than expected just a few months ago.

There is often a huge difference between what one bank is prepared to lend a client compared to another bank. Using a professional Mortgage Adviser makes good sense. We will save you a lot of time not just getting you pre-approved but also explaining the various options available to you across a range of lenders. Pre-Approvals generally last for 4-6 months and enables you to be a 'Cash Buyer' ready to act in what can often be a competitive situation if a few people all want the same property. We also negotiate interest rate discounts on your behalf and tailor facilities to best suit your needs & cash flow.