Jun 15, 2020 9:01:36 AM

Is winter a good time to sell?

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Spring is traditionally seen as the best time to sell a property, with the warmer weather said to bring out home buyers, fuelling competition and driving up house prices. Whether or not there’s any truth to this, the fact is, homes are sold all year round and there are several advantages to selling in winter. We outline what some of these are and share tips to help make your home sale-worthy during the colder weather.


Selling in winter

Many homeowners prefer to wait until spring to list their home for sale, which greatly reduces the available housing stock over the colder months. This is good news for homeowners looking to sell in winter, as less housing stock could mean a higher demand for the properties that are listed resulting in a much quicker sale. 

Studies have also shown that home buyers looking to buy a home in winter are generally doing so because they need to move right away, be it because of a new job, relocation or a change to their personal situation. In most cases, these buyers prefer a quick and smooth sale. 

As always though, it’s important you properly prepare your home before listing it; and this is especially important in the gloomier months when buyers may need a little more enticement to open homes. Here are a few tips to help get you started. 

Warm up the inside

There’s nothing that deters home buyers more than a cold and damp home, so create a warm ambience inside to attract potential buyers to come in out of the cold. Turn on all heaters and heat pumps, including fires, underfloor and bathroom heating. 

Let in the light

Winter days can be gloomy and grey so give your home a lift and make it feel bright and spacious by turning on all lights and lamps. Pull up the blinds and open the curtains to let in as much natural light and warmth as possible. Remember to give the windows a clean both inside and out to allow sunlight to filter through. 

Warm and dry

Damp and mould is something potential buyers are likely to notice right away. Sort out any issues and ensure you properly ventilate your home before you list it. Put away any wet washing and fix any leaking taps. Make sure you have a front door mat and somewhere for buyers to leave wet jackets and umbrellas when viewing your home. 

Embrace the season

When in doubt, dress your home for the season – showcase your home in the best winter style. Light a fire, set the dining table, layer chunky knit throws or blankets on couches, and add warm rugs to tiled or wooden floors. 

Despite its reputation for being a much quieter season for selling, it is still possible to sell your home in winter. If you are considering selling and buying a new home at the same time, you may need bridging finance. Get in touch with a Mortgage Express adviser to go through your options for finance.






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