May 22, 2020 9:44:49 AM

Our Autumn Home Improvement Tips

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With winter just around the corner, it’s a great time to get those home improvement projects completed and ensure your home is winter-ready. Here are three autumn home improvement projects you could get done now to help keep your home maintenance-free throughout winter.


Roof and gutters

Blocked gutters and drainpipes can damage the outside of your home. Regularly clearing out leaves and debris ensures the drainage in your home remains free-flowing. If your gutters are prone to becoming blocked with leaves, you may want to consider fitting mesh guards over the gutters.

Small roof leaks make it harder to keep your house warm in winter and could lead to bigger problems later on. Check your roof – or have a professional do it – for any cracked roof tiles and fix any holes or gaps. Check for curling or buckling shingles as these may need to be replaced and inspect the flashing around chimneys and skylights to ensure there are no gaps.

Heating and insulation

No matter what type of heating system you use, autumn is a good time to have it checked and cleaned ready for use in winter. An efficient heating system and a well-insulated home can help reduce your heating bills.

Regularly servicing your heat pump not only improves its efficiency, it ensures the filter does its job of removing bacteria and odours from the air in your home. Wood burning fires should be cleaned to prevent fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Wear and tear and humidity can cause window seals to crack and shrink so inspect all doors and windows and seal any gaps you find. Use adhesive foam strips to seal the gap between windows and frames or consider upgrading your windows to double glazing. Block the gap at the bottom of doors with a draught-stopper. 

Lighting and smoke alarms

The changing of the seasons generally means less daylight and sunshine, but these few measures can help keep your home light and bright. Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient globes: You’ll be surprised at the difference a warm white, cool white or daylight bulb can make to the feel of a room. 

While windows let the heat out during winter, they do let the sunlight in so it’s a good idea to open curtains or blinds during the day. Just remember to close them again in the evening to insulate your home and reduce the need for heating.

Remember to inspect all the smoke alarms in your home to ensure they’re working well and positioned correctly.

Buying and selling

Are you thinking about selling your home this winter? If so, take the time now to brighten your home and create a warm, welcoming environment for potential buyers. If you’d like advice around selling your home or buying a new home or investment property, talk to a Mortgage Express adviser to ensure you get the most out of your finances.




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