Top Tips For Buying Off Plan

Sep 17, 2018 2:03:37 PM

Buying off the plan is becoming an increasingly popular option for good reason. As well as getting a brand new home, you’re also buying at a set price and usually only need a small deposit. However, if you do decide to go down this route, it’s vital you go in with your eyes wide open. Here are some of the things you need to think about when buying off the plan.

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Buying off-plan: what you need to know

Dec 6, 2016 9:25:39 AM

When it comes to buying off-plan, many buyers are not aware of just how different the sale and purchase rules are. Clauses in pre-sales contracts for new apartments or subdivisions actually provide developers with the option to make changes to the contract, which could impact on the price you pay. To help you understand the different set of sale and purchase rules that apply when buying off-plan, read on.


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