Staying Safe Online

Oct 7, 2020 3:54:58 PM

Over the last month, some of New Zealand’s biggest companies have been hit by cyber-attacks. Among those targeted were the New Zealand Stock Exchange, MetService, Westpac and several large media companies. The recent spate of cyber-attacks has been attributed to a growing shift in companies working remotely because of COVID-19, and is a timely reminder of the importance of cyber-safety for anyone accessing online services.

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Why Springtime Brings Happiness

Sep 11, 2020 4:00:00 PM

If you’re feeling an extra spring in your step, you’re not alone! Scientists tell us that the start of spring can radically improve your mood and that those longer, warmer, sunnier days – with a promise of summer – bring an extra bit of cheer, and a feeling of happiness and hopefulness to most of us. Not convinced? Take a look at these scientific reasons* why springtime brings a little bit of happiness.

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Planning your financial future

Dec 17, 2018 2:27:47 PM

One in three kiwis admits to letting their money take care of itself and hasn’t planned ahead for their financial future, according to BNZ’s financial futures research undertaken during 2017. Are you one of those who may have lost sight of your long-term goals, simply living life for today? Here are some steps you can take to increase your savings and build a solid foundation for future financial success.

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Financial Health vs. Mental Health

Nov 10, 2018 5:04:00 PM

Your debt may well be costing you more than just the interest you’re repaying! Research shows there’s a clear link between your financial health and your mental health, with some studies reporting a higher risk of mental health problems amongst people who have debt. Having just acknowledged Mental Health Awareness week in October, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of maintaining good mental and financial health.

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Advice for Young Property Investors

Aug 13, 2018 12:16:51 PM

Getting a foot onto the property ladder is certainly no easy feat, and it’s easy to see why many young people simply give up their dreams of home ownership. But the fact is, the rewards of property investment ultimately outweigh the effort. To help you get started in your property investment journey, here is our advice for young property investors.

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Mortgage Adviser vs. Lender Direct

Aug 13, 2018 12:12:25 PM

If you haven’t already worked with a mortgage adviser, you may be wondering why you should consider doing so. Why not go directly to the lender instead? Aside from the obvious – having someone else do the legwork for you – there are several other benefits to working with a mortgage adviser. Take a look at what these are.

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Beat the winter blues

Jul 13, 2018 12:00:00 PM

If your mood has plummeted along with the temperature, you’re not alone! As well as the cold, rain and even snow, winter can bring some serious changes to our health and wellbeing. The winter blues are usually heralded by fatigue, a need for more sleep, carb cravings, and even depression. We’re sharing these 5 hacks to help you beat the winter blues.

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A Digital Detox

Mar 16, 2018 3:00:00 AM

As our lives become increasingly busier and cluttered with all things digital, it’s harder than ever to simply switch off. And yet, switching off is often exactly what we need. If you find yourself reaching for your phone each morning first thing, it may be time to take a digital detox. Here’s why and how you can do just that.

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