Types of home loans in NZ

Nov 16, 2019 3:14:00 PM

Choosing the right home loan to fit your lifestyle and your needs can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the property market and you don’t have a good understanding of how home loans are structured. To help you better understand the different types of home loans as well as the pros and cons of each, we’ve created a handy guide that takes you through each option.

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Buying a home with a small deposit

May 10, 2019 9:50:00 AM

If you’re struggling to save a deposit to buy a property, you may be wondering what your options are. Should you keep saving and potentially miss out on a bargain or optimal buying conditions in the market, or do you push ahead and apply for a mortgage with a small deposit? While it’s not easy securing a mortgage with a small deposit, it is certainly possible. Here are three ways to do this.

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5 Tips for a Home Loan Application With Credit Issues

Mar 20, 2019 12:29:06 PM

If a bad credit rating is making it hard for you to get a home loan, it doesn’t mean you need to shelve your home ownership dreams. Credit history can be affected by several factors including missing payments and late payments. Take a look at these five tips to help you get on top of the credit issues that could be impacting your home loan application.

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Buying a Home When You’re Self-Employed

Oct 6, 2018 11:47:06 AM

Applying for a home loan when you’re self-employed – or have contract or seasonal work – can be tricky. But the good news is, there are still options available to you: A low-doc home loan allows self-employed business owners to apply for a home loan from a non-bank lender with minimal income verification. Read on to find out more about buying a home when you’re self-employed.

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