Mar 23, 2020 12:05:11 AM

Mortgage Express: What we can do to help with financial hardship

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Financial hardship can happen to anybody, at any time and has many causes. As the evolving challenges and restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus are ever changing, it would be fair to say that life can be unpredictable and situations are sometimes outside of your control.

If you think you might struggle meeting financial commitments (relating to mortgage repayments or insurances) going forward, the earlier you act the better.

Mortgage express is committed to helping you in these unprecedented times to help manage your stress levels so you can deal with your financial commitments relating to mortgage or insurances in an appropriate manner.

All MX Advisers are getting regular updates on what support is available and have a good understanding of the types of financial hardship support our banks can provide.

If you’d like to discuss any mortgage or insurance concerns you currently have, or concerns you might have going forward, please don’t hesitate to make contact.

Mortgage Express has invested in technology which will allow us to assist you, without requiring a face-to-face meeting.


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