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      Protecting Your Home


      Follow these simple security tips to protect your home.

      Home protection hints

      • Make sure your door and window locks are working.
      • For the best home security, alarm your doors and windows. You don’t need to spend a fortune; a good thief can often beat an elaborate system. Fortunately most thieves will likely move on to the next house, if they see an alarm system in place.
      • Ensure your house appears occupied. Instal timers for intermittent lighting at night and, perhaps, music in daylight hours, some people will even put washing on the line.
      • Install motion detection lighting around exterior dark areas, walkways, and doorways.
      • Never leave a key outside under a welcome mat, above a doorway, etc. Those are the first places a thief will look.
      • Don’t leave empty TV, VCR, computer, or other boxes or packaging from expensive gifts on the nature strip. If the boxes won’t fit in your recycling container, consider taking them to a recycler yourself.
      • If they do manage to get into your house, the average thief will only have a few minutes in your home. They just have time to look in the “usual” places. Hide expensive pieces in various places around your home, better still, invest in a safe.
      • Take photographs of every room so you have a record of your belongings in case you ever need to claim.