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    Home & Contents Insurance

    Take a look around your home. If you added up how much you have spent on your contents, electrical goods and furnishings, the total could easily run into thousands of dollars. And if you had to go out and replace those items now, how much more would they cost you?

    That is why contents insurance is also so important to have. It is designed to provide you with peace of mind and financial protection against damage to, or the loss of, contents in your home. Take a minute to tell us what we can do to protect your home and contents or talk to one of our experienced Insurance Advisers.

    What do you need to cover?

    Your Home

    You can insure your home in case of accidental damage. This includes damage by fire, water, natural disaster or burglary.

    Sum Insured Replacement means that your house is insured for up to a maximum specified dollar amount. The Sum Insured amount on your policy’s schedule needs to accurately reflect the likely cost of rebuilding your house if it suffers extensive damage.

    Insurance companies will only pay up to the Sum Insured amount, even if the actual cost of rebuilding is greater. This means it is important to be as accurate as you can when specifying this amount.
    To help you calculate the likely cost of rebuilding your house, you can contract a registered valuer, assessor or builder, or use one online calculators.

    If you need help, get in touch with one of our Insurance Advisers today.

    Your contents  and other belongings

    You can insure the contents of your home and other personal belongings in case they are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged.

    Your Vehicle

    You can insure your private car, caravan or motorbike in case of theft, or damage or if it is written off in an accident, fire or natural disaster. If you do not require full cover you can take out third party insurance so you are insured against liability for damaging someone elses property in an accident.