Carla O'Halloran

Region & Expertise: Mortgage Advisers, Hamilton, Waikato Mortgage Advisers

Mortgage Adviser

  • 375m
  • Mobile 021 539455
  • Freephone 0800 226 226
  • Phone 07 834 0601
  • Fax 07 834 0602
  • 562 Anglesea Street, Hamilton
  • PO Box 9457 Hamilton, Waikato Mail Centre
  • Regions available: Hamilton, Waikato

"I will be there with you each step of the way"

Carla has extensive banking and lending experience, having assisted thousands of people into buying their dream homes and investment properties.

"I am passionate about tailoring lending options that will work for you now and moving forward as your situation changes. I work hard to provide flexible solutions. I will work closely with other professionals being lawyers, solicitors and valuers to assist with a smooth process for you."

Carla is married with two kids and understands how busy your life can get so she will work in with you as to when and where to meet.

"I wish I could say buying property isn’t a stressful process but I can’t . What I can say though is that I will be there with you each step of the way to explain what is happening, and where to next, helping you through the process."

2017 Mortgage Express – Achieved $250m in career settlements (between 2010-2017)

2017 Mortgage Express Top Ten Home Loan Adviser by Settlements

"Carla has been there every step of the way and then some…. with the purchase of my home. Not only is she the Best Mortgage Adviser, but she is a kind, compassionate and understanding person. If there is a way to help someone achieve their dreams, then Carla will be there for you. Carla doesn’t overwhelm you throughout the process, she will give you great ideas and she works really hard to provide you with flexible solutions. She is always available on phone, email or text, which keeps you well informed. Something that makes Carla a great Mortgage Adviser is that everyone likes her because she is such a good person, so when she is working with banks, finance people, lawyers etc, this makes the process really smooth. One of the things I really appreciated throughout the process was Carla’s ability to keep the process moving and that she is full of great ideas and next steps. I would highly recommend Carla to anyone who is looking to buy property as she is “simply the best”." ~ Sandra

FSP47541. A Disclosure Statement is available on request and free of charge.