Dec 14, 2017 12:40:00 PM

Christmas Holiday Traditions

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It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again. Before you get carried away by the silly season, take a moment to slow down and plan some fun holiday traditions to share with your family. From Secret Santa to a Christmas countdown, here are some of our favourite ideas to help you get started on creating your own Christmas holiday traditions.


Start an ornament collection

Capture those special moments with a Christmas Tree ornament, adding a new ornament for each year of your collection. Baby’s first Christmas, a memorable holiday, or a meaningful event that happened that year – your Christmas tree will eventually tell the story of your life. If you’re feeling creative, make it a tradition to craft your own ornaments and get your family involved in a holiday art project.        

A Christmas countdown

Eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival? Counting down to Christmas doesn’t have to be about another shop-bought Advent calendar. Try some of these neat ideas: Wrap 24 Christmas-themed books and read one together each night in your countdown; do 24 acts of Christmas kindness or 24 days of service at a local charity, a great lesson in giving back; create your own Advent calendar using a chalk board, balloons or paper bags numbered one to 25.

Secret Santa

There’s no doubt that gift giving is a quintessential part of the holiday season, and a popular tradition is to play Secret Santa. Although Secret Santa is usually played in offices where staff buy gifts for each other, it works just as well for families – particularly larger families where gift purchasing can be costly. Each family member is assigned someone to buy a gift for in secret usually for a set amount, and then has to guess who their Secret Santa is.

The night before Christmas

A really fun tradition, especially for little ones who just can’t wait for Christmas morning, is the night before Christmas box. Fill up a box with new pyjamas, hot chocolate, popcorn, a Christmas book or Christmas movie, wrap it up and let them open it on Christmas Eve.

Start a new cultural tradition

Make the holidays a time to broaden your family’s cultural awareness with a tradition from around the world. Explore a culture that fascinates you, or look to your own roots for inspiration. It could be as simple as learning a greeting in a foreign language or cooking a dish from your favourite country.

A time to reflect

What does Christmas mean to you? As another year draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on what went well in 2017 and to plan ahead for 2018. Get in touch with one of our brokers/advisers if you’d like advice around your financial planning for the year ahead.



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