5 Tips for a Home Loan Application With Credit Issues

Mar 20, 2019 9:29:06 AM

If a bad credit rating is making it hard for you to get a home loan, it doesn’t mean you need to shelve your home ownership dreams. Credit history can be affected by several factors including missing payments and late payments. Take a look at these five tips to help you get on top of the credit issues that could be impacting your home loan application.

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What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Mar 20, 2019 9:22:34 AM

If you need to free up a little cash as you head into retirement, a reverse mortgage could be the solution. A reverse mortgage lets you mortgage your property so you can access your equity with no repayments required until you move out. For many retirees, a reverse mortgage offers financial security to cover those unexpected expenses – like home repairs or major surgery – without having to sell the family home. Read on to find out more about a reverse mortgage.

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First Home Buyer’s FAQ

Mar 20, 2019 9:15:47 AM

Buying your first home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make so it’s understandable you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Before stepping onto the property ladder, it’s essential you do your homework and properly prepare for the journey ahead. To help you avoid any nasty surprises, we’re sharing the questions most first home buyers ask as well as our advice and recommendations.

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Divorce and Your Home Loan

Mar 20, 2019 9:11:39 AM

Separation or divorce can be a messy time, particularly when it comes to dividing your assets and the family home. If you are going through a divorce or separation, it’s vital you take stock of your day-to-day finances and work out a long-term plan to ensure you’re set up for a financially secure future. To help you get started, ask yourself these 3 questions.

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Rental Property Renovation: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Feb 20, 2019 7:59:06 AM

Renovating a rental property can be a costly exercise but making improvements to the property can yield a healthy return. To ensure you’re maximizing your investment, it’s important not to overcapitalize, to stick to your budget, and to use durable products and materials. If you are considering renovating your rental property, ask yourself these 3 questions first.

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3 Property Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Feb 19, 2019 1:30:00 PM

It’s no surprise that more and more astute investors are turning to property as a way to grow capital. Like all investments though, buying an investment property takes careful research so you know what you’re getting into and what the pitfalls are to avoid. To help you stay on top of the property investment game, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid.

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Investing in Property in 3 Simple Steps

Feb 19, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Owning an investment property has long been a part of the Kiwi dream. For many first-home buyers, buying a smaller rental property in a cheaper area can be just what they need to get a foot onto the property ladder. For savvy investors, it’s an opportunity to generate wealth. But before you jump in head first into property investment, take a look at these 3 simple steps to get you started.

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5 Good Reasons to Use a Harcourts Property Manager

Feb 19, 2019 7:41:55 AM

If you’re serious about investing in property and making your investment work for you, it’s worthwhile engaging a professional property manager from Harcourts to take care of the day to day details of your rental property. A Harcourts property manager will help you attract and keep good tenants. But that’s not all they do. Take a look at these 5 good reasons to use a Harcourts property manager.

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Impact of foreign buyer ban

Nov 13, 2018 7:13:37 AM

The Labour Government’s election promise to ban non-resident foreign property buyers from buying existing property in New Zealand kicked off on 22 October 2018. So far, the change to the Bill seems to have had little impact on the market, despite dire predictions, and buyer activity remains stable.

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Financial Health vs. Mental Health

Nov 10, 2018 2:04:00 PM

Your debt may well be costing you more than just the interest you’re repaying! Research shows there’s a clear link between your financial health and your mental health, with some studies reporting a higher risk of mental health problems amongst people who have debt. Having just acknowledged Mental Health Awareness week in October, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of maintaining good mental and financial health.

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