Making your home equity work for you

Mar 24, 2017 7:36:48 AM

Across most of Australia and New Zealand house prices have jumped considerably over the past 10 years (2006-2016). There’s no doubt that a lot of our wealth is locked up in real estate. But how do you access that wealth? And how do you make your biggest asset work harder for you? Read on to find out how you can make your home equity work for you.

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What to think about when buying property with family or friends

Mar 24, 2017 7:14:03 AM

As property prices continue to rise, buyers are finding smarter ways to get onto the property ladder. Sharing a mortgage with friends or family is a viable option for many buyers, and it’s gaining popularity amongst first-home buyers who may be struggling to enter the property market. Could it be the right option for you?

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New appointment release: Rob Wilkinson - Mortgage Adviser

Mar 22, 2017 11:43:53 AM

Mortgage Express is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Wilkinson as mortgage adviser.

Along with a solid background in accounting, financial services, and 30 years’ broad based business experience, Rob brings a genuine passion for helping his clients.

Prior to joining Mortgage Express, Rob enjoyed a diverse career in sales, mortgage portfolio management, and mentoring, with roles that included National Accountant for a life underwriting company, business coaching and strategic development for SMEs, and trainer for management and the strategies to trade diverse financial markets.

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A housing paradox – Christchurch’s oversupply vs. Wellington’s rental squeeze

Mar 17, 2017 8:18:22 AM

It’s the ultimate housing paradox – an oversupply of housing in Christchurch following a building boom, versus an unprecedented rental squeeze in Wellington caused by a growing number of students, a decline in social housing stock, and the growth of property management companies in the capital city. Read on to find out more in this month’s property article.

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A glimmer of hope as house prices dip slightly

Mar 17, 2017 7:57:23 AM



Houses prices across the country remained flat in February, with weaker prices in Auckland offsetting a rise in house prices across Otago and in Northland. We take a closer look at housing market data from February 2017, to determine whether this is the start of a much-needed correction in the housing market.

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New appointment release: Mike Clinch - Mortgage and Insurance Adviser

Mar 8, 2017 11:23:33 AM

Mortgage Express is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Clinch, Mortgage and Insurance Adviser based in Tauranga.

Having worked for two of New Zealand’s big banks for well over 20 years, Mike brings a wealth of financial knowledge and business experience to the table.

“Understanding banking and business provides a solid base to take the legwork out of the process of arranging finance. I’m keen to share my expertise with my clients to assist them in meeting their financial goals,” says Mike.

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Quarterly Christchurch Region Awards - October 2016 – December 2016

Mar 1, 2017 11:29:21 AM

Quarterly Christchurch Region Awards

October 2016 – December 2016



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New appointment release: Na Yao - Mortgage Adviser

Mar 1, 2017 8:43:52 AM

Mortgage Express announces the appointment of Na Yao, mortgage adviser based in Auckland.

Ms. Yao has worked in the legal industry for 10 years before joining Mortgage Express. Her role as a legal executive included property transactions, reviewing loan documentation, and resolving property-related concerns for clients.

Excited about sharing her own first-hand experience of property investing in New Zealand, Ms. Yao will be providing mortgage advice to her clients, including home and construction loans, re-financing or re-fixing, as well as pre-approvals.


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New appointment release: Emily Hung - Mortgage Adviser

Feb 28, 2017 5:53:27 AM

Mortgage Express announces the appointment of Emily Hung, who joins the Hamilton-based team of mortgage advisers.

Prior to joining Mortgage Express, Ms. Hung managed her own business for 3 years. Degree qualified with an Accounting Degree, Ms. Hung’s business success has largely been down to her genuine concern for her clients’ wellbeing combined with an honest and open approach.

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5 Things to think about before you renovate

Feb 28, 2017 4:46:10 AM

New year, new home? Whether you’re planning an extensive renovation or a simple freshen up to your home, before you rush out and start renovating it’s a good idea to think about these few things.

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